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Interact with your mobile devices by simply tapping on any surface in 3 simple steps:

Step 1.

Place your device on a flat surface and start an XTouch-enabled app.

Step 2.

Tap on any location on the surface to register/create a virtual button.

Step 3.

That’s it! You can now interact with the app by tapping on your virtual buttons.

Do you want to see XTouch in action?

Check out First ever XTouch-Enabled Apps
Voodoo Tap Frogs and Magic Xylophone.


XTouch was started at the University of Toronto's Mobile Applications Lab.

Today, XTouch's patent-pending technology is available to extend mobile device interaction to any surface.

Amin Heidari


Tusi Chowdhury


Parham Aarabi


Maroof Moral

Creative Director


XTouch SDK is coming soon!

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